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Hello! My name is Ben Myers. I am currently a UCLA Mathematics student, graduating in 2024. I'm majoring in pure mathematics, but I have interests in computer science, business, philosophy, and music. You can view more information about my interests by scrolling down, or by using the navigation menu at the header of this page.

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Ben Myers



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A copy of my resume is publicly available. You can view the document by clicking on the button below. If you wish to download my resume, right-click the button below, then click "Download Linked File" on the context menu.


Updated 6/6/2023


If you are interested in my job experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile, located here ↗.


I am the Founder/CEO of Flowductive ↗, an app for daily planning and motivation. For users who hope to improve their productivity, we help them stay driven with Flows -- a fun, social, and unique way to commit time to different types of productive activity.

If you'd like to support our development, please follow us on LinkedIn ↗, Twitter ↗, Instagram ↗, and Facebook ↗. Be sure to join our Subreddit ↗!


I am the CTO at Poppin ↗, the premiere party platform. I'm working to make Poppin a safer place for all college students. Currently, I am rebuilding their app using a modern SwiftUI tech stack.


I am a iOS Developer at Yatco ↗, the official MLS of yachting. My responsibilities include website optimization consulting, mobile development, and competitor data analysis.

Past Employment

I was an iOS Developer at Edvora ↗, the World's first hyperfocused SaaS ecosystem for Education. My responsibilities included mobile iOS development for iPhone and iPad using SwiftUI.


As a mathematics major, it simply makes sense to dedicate a section of my personal website to papers I will write and/or publish. My most recent paper is linked below. You can view it by clicking on it. If you wish to download it, right-click the button below, then click "Download Linked File" on the context menu.

The paper displayed below is an attempted proof for the Inscribed Square Problem ↗, conjectured in 1911 by Otto Toeplitz ↗. The proof uses topology ↗ to reach the conclusion.

For further reading, check out the AMS' Survey on the Inscribed Square Problem.

As for now, this is my only formal paper written.

On Squares Inscribed on Continuous Embeds in the Real Plane

Updated 12/30/2019

Computer Science

I have been learning how to code since I started high school. More often than not, my coding experience comes from self-learning. Below, you can find a brief overview of my strongest languages.

Language Proficiency (All values are relative)

Swift - Experienced

Java - Experienced

Processing - Experienced

Web - Knowledgeable

JS - Knowledgeable

Rust - Knowledgeable

Python - Novice

C++ - Novice

C# - Novice

In particular, I have extensive experience with SwiftUI, Xcode, and Git. I also have experience with UIKit, Unity, React Native, Swing, Arduino, and Firebase.


You can check out many of my projects on my GitHub profile ↗.

Below are several featured repositories.


I also try to contribute to Stack Overflow. You can find my questions/answers on my profile ↗.


There are a few projects that I have created that aren't mentioned in other parts of my website. Below, you can see a list of such projects.

Sword Slingers is a game I developed starting May 2019. I hired an artist to help with creating sprites and background for the game. It was released on September 30, 2019 for iOS on the App Store ↗.

Characterlim Ages is a Minecraft game server I founded in 2021. The first season ended in late July. The server generated over $5,000 in sales in the first season of its lifetime.

Characterlim Ages 2 is a Minecraft game server I'm currently working on. The server's IP address is We have an active staff team including a manager, three moderators, and several volunteer helpers. Join the Discord server ↗, the Subreddit ↗, or check out the official wiki ↗.

Chest Quest is a game I developed starting in October 2018. The development of this game taught me the fundamentals of Swift and UIKit. It was released on September January 5, 2019 for iOS on the App Store ↗ (expired).

GrooveAudio is a music YouTube channel I created in December 2016. Since its creation, I had published original music and launchpad covers until March 2019. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel ↗.

PNDR is an artist project that I created with my friends Leigha and Sean. We released one song, Hearts on Fire, in March 2019. Check out PNDR on Spotify ↗ to listen.

Updated 8/15/2022

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